The CLM Imperative: Why Modernizing Contracting Is Mission-Critical for Business

Online Ironclad Community
Thu, Aug 6, 10:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

Now more than ever, contracts — and the data intelligence goldmine they hold — are key to organizations who hope to stay agile as their business adapts to changing economic landscapes and changing business relationships. When your contracts are fast, your business is fast; when your contracts are slow, your business is slow.

A solution that can connect people, processes, and data involved in business contracts is no longer optional — it’s table stakes. Contract Lifecycle Management solutions are evolving to meet that need.

To learn from industry leaders how CLM became mission-critical and what to look for in a next-gen CLM, join us for The CLM Business Imperative: Why Modernizing Contracting Is Mission-Critical, a conversational webinar with leading CLM Forrester Analyst Andrew Bartels and Ironclad CEO Jason Boehmig.

They’ll tackle:

  • The history and projected future of contract lifecycle management
  • Why a solution for contracts — “shock absorbers” and key indicators of economic health for the enterprise in uncertain economic times — is more important than ever before
  • How to make an effective cross-functional business case for your CLM or Digital Contracting by understanding different stakeholders’ needs



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